Alignable Marketing Checklist

With millions of connections across +25,000 local communities, Alignable is the free network where small business owners build trusted relationships and generate referrals.


In the words of Alignable:

“By connecting with the businesses in your community, you are opening the door to referral opportunities not just from your neighbors, but their connections as well.”


Getting Started with Alignable

Alignable is more than just a networking site, it’s a way to make real connections. These connections can refer clients to you, and vice versa! It’s a boutique way to interact with local businesses and entrepreneurs.


If you’re a business owner, you want to be on Alignable. Follow our Alignable Marketing Checklist to get started!

#1 ~ Take the First Step!

Like any digital platform, to make it work for you, you have to put in some work.


Get started by taking the first step. This means enter that email information and sign up! Start creating your profile with a great image (typically a logo), relevant contact information and other business details.

#2 ~ Details Matter!

Alignable lets you take your profile even further by adding details about your ideal customers.


Alignable is the ultimate networking site, so this creates a straightforward way to communicate with your colleagues and future customers. It immediately spells out what you do and who you do it for.


Don’t skip this step! It’s vital to your Alignable success.

#3 ~ Spell it Out

Take that profile one step further by also adding the products and services you offer on your profile. Once this step is complete, your profile on Alignable will tell your whole story. From who you are, to what you do, and to who you do it for.

#4 ~ Find Those Connections

Now it’s time to start building your network! Alignable is supercharged for local communities and networks, but work all across the world as well.


Start connecting with everyone and anyone you know! Dig through FB contacts (you can connect your FB to Alignable!), email addresses, and local businesses to build your network.

#5 ~ Share The Love

Reviews are the third party opinion that every business needs. They can make or break your customer deciding to work with you!


Ask for reviews from your business colleagues and clients. Make sure to share the love and leave reviews and recommendations in return!

#6 ~ Embrace Your Location

Alignable has tons of features for your local community. Even if you are a business that operates online, it’s still beneficial to find a local tribe.


You can post a “local special” or “local discount” that will display on Alignable’s town calendar for your metroplex. That means any business or individual in that area will automatically see your special. Boom! Free marketing.


Also make sure to plug in to your local city forums for updates, and connections!

#7 ~ Be a team player!

Networking is all about interaction! Be a team player by commenting, referring, recommending and interacting with others!

Succeed on Alignable

Since it is designed to connect local businesses, Alignable is the perfect tool for quickly building brand recognition in a new community. Alignable makes it easy to identify potential collaborative partners , as well as connecting with business owners that in time can lead to bookings.

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